Melodic Treks: A Star Trek Music Podcast
10: Composing Into Darkness

Michael Giacchino.

One of the most delightful part of the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek has been the music. Michael Giacchino has continued the franchise's rich tradition of beautiful scores and has joined the Alexander Courage, Gerald Fried, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, and Ron Jones as one of the great voices behind the visuals. In this episode of Melodic Treks we delve into the man behind the sound of the Abramsverse, his education, inspiration, and early work in video games. Plus, we learn how he came to the attention of J.J.

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9: James's Wrath

James Horner.

One of the film favorites for many people is Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Its story, action, and acting are all held in wide regard not just by fans, but by other members of the film industry. The music of The Wrath of Khan plays no small part in its success, and the man who created that music is none other than James Horner. In this episode of Melodic Treks we delve into the man behind the score, how he came to work on the project, his music history, and some of the other projects he has undertaken.

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