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Star Trek Bands: Five Year Mission and Warp 11.

There are many bands out in the cosmos that compose and write Star Trek songsā€”and two of them are here on Earth. With bands like these playing not only conventions but concerts, its yet another string to the fandom and creative diversity that Star Trek invokes. In this episode of Melodic Treks we look at the formation and background of these two bands, their genesis and history, their very different musical styles, and their lyrical approaches that are as different as a Gorn is from an Orion.



Colin Higgins


Editor and Producer

Colin Higgins


Associate Producers

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Five Year Mission (1:16)

Year Two (9:01)

The Trouble with Tribbles (13:57)

Warp 11 (21:15)

Albums and Venues (29:01) 

Closing (33:36)


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