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24: Skye Boat from Scotland

Music can do many things to a person. It take ease your pain, make you cry and at times help you to relax. To some music can stir memories and evoke warm comforting memories. This week we experience this sentiment in its fullest. We are joined by Paul Finch a fellow podcaster from Scotland. Paul takes a break from talk all things Enterprise on Previously In The Alpha Quadrant to pick his top 5 tracks. As always with this process we have some firm favorites and some curve balls. But all the tracks have deep meaning to Paul and hold a personal resonance with him. You heart strings and your mind will enjoy this particular ride. Stick around at the end of the show for an announcement about this podcast. 



Colin Higgins


Associate Producer

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Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen



Paul Finch 



Intro (00:01:15)  

Miles the Minstral (00:09:31)  

Skye boat (00:18:06)  

Farewell Enterprise (00:28:42)  

The Cage (00:34:28)  

Hello London (00:41:45)  

The Future (00:52:00)  

Audible (00:54:11)  

Wrap up (00:57:00) 

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