Melodic Treks: A Star Trek Music Podcast
7: Sina & Mahler

Five Favorites.

Everyone has their favorite Star Trek series, episodes, and characters. The elements of Star Trek connect with us each differently—and music is no exception. In the episode of Melodic Treks we invite Sina Alvarado (@QueenKatBlue on Twitter) aboard to share with us her favorite musical moments. Some you will agree with. Some you may not. Sina's picks run the spectrum, from intro themes to incidental music, Enterprise to Into Darkness; and she explains why they mean so much to her. See if you agree.

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6: A Melodic Orbit

Amok Time.

The Vulcan marriage ritual gave us more than just epic fight scenes, it also gave us epic music. The theme from "Amok Time"—"The Ancient Battle/2nd Kroykah"—has transcended Star Trek and gone on to appear in numerous shows and films, ranging from Futurama to The Cable Guy. And as much as T'Pau would like to claim credit for this success, we really have Gerald Fried to thank. It was his creative genius and composition skills that brought the koon-ut-kal-if-fee to life through sound.

In this episode of Melodic Treks we're joined by Drew Stewart and Mike Schindler of Standard Orbit for a cross-show exploration of "Amok Time." We team up to discuss the music as well as Gerald Fried and his inspiration. Then, tune in to Standard Orbit for a discussion and commentary of the actual episode.

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5: Don't Be a Square

Vic Fontaine and DS9's Jazz.

Deep Space Nine benefited from more of a hands-off approach from the studio compared to the other series. And the moment at which the writing staff really knew they could do whatever they wanted was when they introduced Vic Fontaine and no one said "stop." In this episode of Melodic Treks, Colin takes you on a trip to Quark's Bar to spend some time with DS9's King of Swing. We talk about the "man," his music, the effect he had on those around him, and, of course, we venture into Vic's real-life counterpart, James Darren—who, in addition to working with the DS9 crew, also worked with none other than William Shatner. Thankfully, in that case, no singing was involved.

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