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28: The Logical Music of Tim Russ

Tim Russ Interview.

Most Star Trek fans know Tim Russ best for his role of Tuvok on Voyager. But Tim has a passion for music that stretches far back beyond his acting career—four decades in fact. It was acting that pushed music to the backseat for a while … although it never stopped him from playing gigs along the way. From his first album, 1998's Only a Dream In Rio to his fifth, 2007's Second Thoughts, Tim has kept music as an important part of his life even as he continues acting and producing. In this episode Melodic Treks, Tim joins host Brandon-Shea Mutala for a chat about his career behind the mic.

"Brave New World" (excerpt) (00:02:59)
Interview Part 1 (00:04:18)
"Kushengaza" (excerpt) (00:07:16)
Interview Part 2 (00:09:52)
"We" (excerpt) (00:13:15)

Brandon-Shea Mutala

Tim Russ

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