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35: To Be Continued...

Andy Farber Interview.

Star Trek Continues picks up the story of The Original Series right where it left off in 1969. Essentially a fourth season, the independent production features a talented cast that includes Vic Mignogna as Captain Kirk and Chris Doohan in the role made iconic by his father. Since 2013, Star Trek Continues has brought us five incredible stories from the 23rd century, with two more on the way—the next of which, "Come Not Between the Dragons," is set to premiere at FedCon in Germany on May 13, 2016.

In this episode of Melodic Treks, host Brandon-Shea Mutala is joined by Andy Farber to discuss his contributions to the fan series. As a teacher at the famous Juilliard School and a renowned saxophonist and composer, Andy has been lending his talents to the sound of Star Trek Continues. We talk with him about the influences on his music, what a leitmotif is, and why he feels that the music of the next Star Trek series should still be composed in a traditional manner.

"M18 Flyby" (00:01:28)
Listener Feedback (00:01:43)
"M15 Flyby" (00:03:55)
"M13 Little Girl" (00:06:45)
Meeting Andy (00:07:13)
Conductor vs Orchestrator vs Composer (00:23:30)
Composing for a Documentary (00:31:37)
Leitmotifs (00:34:00)
Composing Continues (00:37:55)
The Process (00:40:28)
Discussing Rejected Scores (00:44:30)
The Changing Face of Scoring (00:49:28)
Star Trek Should Be Classically Scored (00:57:27)
Andy Farber: Composer for Star Trek 2017? (01:05:48)
Current Projects (01:17:25)
"M36" (01:20:38)
(All cues by A. Farber from the Star Trek: Continues episode "White Iris")

Brandon-Shea Mutala

Andy Farber

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