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34: Soundtrack Savant

Neil S. Bulk Interview.

La-La Land Records has become synonymous with Star Trek soundtracks. And not just any soundtracks, but the kind that bring history to life by delving more deeply into the rich tapestry of sounds that is a cornerstone of Gene Roddenberry's creation. One of the men behind this success is Neil S. Bulk. No stranger to film music, he is the producer of many film soundtrack releases including Batman, Batman Returns, Total Recall, Days of Heaven, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Police Academy, Dances with Wolves, and the massive 15-disc Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection.

In this episode of Melodic Treks, host Brandon-Shea Mutala is joined by Neil to find out what it means to be a producer of film soundtrack releases, what sort of difficulties come up during production, and the process of transferring tape to digital. Neil also talks about his dream projects and the current status of music from Star Trek: The Animated Series.

"The Force Field (Alternate)" (excerpt) (Composed by J. Goldsmith) (00:02:39)
Meeting Neil (00:04:47)
What Does a Producer Do? (00:06:18)
How Long Does It Take? (00:07:39)
Sorting out the Star Trek Box Set (00:08:58)
Transferring the Tapes (00:10:30)
Other Star Trek Duties (00:18:38)
Editing The Undiscovered Country Soundtrack (00:19:53)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 3-disc Release (00:23:52)
Where's the Soundtrack for TAS? (00:30:41)
Which Is the Proper Take? (00:32:22)
Other Awesome Releases (00:34:08)
Days of Heaven for Film Score Monthly (00:36:36)
A Dream Project… or 10 (00:39:02)
"Main Theme (Pop Version)" (excerpt) (Performed by Bob James) (00:42:10)
News (00:49:12)

Brandon-Shea Mutala

Neil S. Bulk

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