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31: His Name is Bond, Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond Interview and Five Favorites.

Jeff Bond is one of the foremost authors on the subject of film and television scoring. Having written books, articles, and countless liner notes on the subject, he is also one of the producers of the massive 15-disc Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection from La-La Land Records. He has even tried his hand at acting in the independent production "Mind Sifter" by Star Trek New Voyages.

In this episode of Melodic Treks, Jeff joins host Brandon-Shea Mutala to talk about Jerry Goldsmith, Vangelis, Planet of the Apes, eight-track players, his book The Music of Star Trek, the demographic of collectors, and Jeff's five favorite tracks from Star Trek.

"Klingon Battle" (excerpt composed by J. Goldsmith) (00:02:25)
Meeting Jeff Bond (00:03:22)
Sound Effects Inseparable from the Music (00:05:40)
The Score for Planet of the Apes (00:07:48)
The First Scores Jeff Bought Were On Eight-Track (00:10:00)
Blade Runner (00:12:47)
Writing Liner Notes and Books About Music (00:15:29)
The Film Score Demographic (00:23:02)
The Double-edged Sword of the Internet (00:24:00)
The Flash and the Change In Scoring (00:28:08)
Ron Jones Was Why Jeff Watched TNG (00:32:24)
Five Favorites (00:37:10)
"2nd Kroykah" from "Amok Time" (Excerpt composed by G. Fried) (00:39:28)
"Ruk Protect" from "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" (Excerpt by F. Steiner) (00:43:13)
"Violent Shakes" from "The Doomsday Machine" (Excerpt by S. Kaplan) (00:46:14)
"The Little Visitor" From "Plato's Stepchildren" (Composed by A. Courage) (00:49:27)
"Sad and Thoughtful on Captain's Theme" Library Music (Excerpt composed by A. Courage) (00:51:40)
Runners Up (00:54:27)
Where You Can Find Jeff (01:02:30)
Star Trek 2 (01:03:06)

Brandon-Shea Mutala

Jeff Bond

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