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27: Scoring the New Ship Enterprise

Ron Jones Interview, Part 2.

Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation know the music of Ron Jones well. He composed for 42 episodes of the series during the first four seasons, including the score considered by many to be the finest in all of TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds."
In this conclusion to our interview, Jones recounts his time working on the show and how he approached TNG during the seasons in which Picard and his crew came of age.

Intro (00:00:59)
Suspicion / J'Dan (Excerpt from "The Drumhead") (00:02:01)
Getting Involved with TNG (00:03:15)
Sequel Episodes (00:12:02)
A Variety of Music (00:14:22)
Film Score Monthly Release: The Ron Jones Project (00:16:40)
"Skin of Evil" / Stress (00:19:09)
The Voice of Star Trek (00:29:39)
The Borg (00:31:32)
"Who Watches the Watchers" (00:38:12)
"The Drumhead" (00:41:53)
The Pink Slip (00:45:25)
Current Projects and Closing (00:49:25)
Observations / The Price (Excerpt from "The Drumhead") (00:53:02)

Brandon-Shea Mutala

Ron Jones

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