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18: Wireless Mics

The Holographic, Operatic Doctor.

Previously on Melodic Treks we talked about Robert Picardo and his parody singing. But we're not always about the actors and composers, sometimes we're about the characters themselves! And since you really can't get enough holographic melodies, we're joined in this episode of Melodic Treks by Charlynn Schmiedt and Tristan Riddell of To The Journey to talk about the opera-loving Doc. Char and Tristan add their own unique flavor to the discussion as we delve into a variety of episodes covering every aspect of the EMH.


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The Doctor Sings (4:02)

Tristan In a Tux (7:46)

On the Railroad (11:01)

You Are My Sunshine (18:01)

Cheesecake (21:46)

I'm That Good (30:07)

The Last Song (34:12)

Final Thoughts (37:01)

Closing (51:40)

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