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"11001001" with Brian McVickar.
The majority of scores for season one of Star Trek: The Next Generation were primarily composed by two people; Dennis McCarthy and Ron Jones. It has been said in many interviews that the composers were directed to tone the music down, and it has been described by many as "wallpaper" music, but in the opinion of this host, that isn't a fair assessment. The score to the episode "11001001" was influenced by jazz, but it also had significant influence from James Horner's score from the film Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, and even a famous jazz song called "Nearness of You" was arranged by Jones for the episode.

In this episode of Melodic Treks, host Brandon-Shea Mutala is joined by Brian McVickar, host of A Score to Settle, to discuss the music of the first season Next Generation episode "11001001." We discuss influences by Goldsmith, Riker and Troi's relationship, the Bynars, and Jazz. We also discuss Shatner's new Christmas album called "Shatner Claus: The Christmas Album."

Intro (00:00:00) 
Welcome to Melodic Treks (00:01:00) 
William Shatner's Christmas Album (00:10:18) 
"11001001" (00:14:33) 
"Back In Order" (00:18:06) 
"Jazz" (composed by John Beazley) (00:21:08) 
"The Nearness of You" (performed by Mel Torme) (00:23:21) 
"Nearness of You and Ending" (00:25:40) 
"Docking at Starbase 74/Eyes" (00:34:25) 
"Stealing the Enterprise" (00:39:14) 
Finding Brian (00:51:17)
Closing (00:54:40)
All music composed by Ron Jones, except where noted
Intro and exit music from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country composed by Cliff Eidelman

Brandon-Shea Mutala
Brian McVickar
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