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Dennis McCarthy Interview.
Dennis McCarthy defined the sound of Star Trek by composing 257 episodes and movies of the franchise. However, the road to Trek was paved with hard work and trial-by-fire education sessions. McCarthy learned how to compose and orchestrate while on the road as a young man, playing various musical shows. McCarthy ever refers to his education as the  "college of the road." After working with composers such as Nelson Riddle and Alex North, his first big break would come with the 1983 phenomenon V: The Final Battle. Dennis showcased his ability to write good quality music quickly, and this would lead him to many other opportunities, which continue to this day.

In this episode of Melodic Treks, host Brandon-Shea Mutala has an in depth discussion with Dennis McCarthy, the person who has composed the most Star Trek episodes and films. We talk about getting into the business, working with Kevin Kiner, as well as his extensive career composing for Star Trek.

Intro (00:00:00) 
Welcome to Melodic Treks (00:01:14) 
"Good Question" (from The Curse of Oak Island)(00:02:44) 
What's Up With "Yo!"? (00:02:54) 
Education (00:04:17) 
"Main Title" (from V) (00:11:50) 
Brass (00:14:34) 
Transposing (00:16:58) 
"Suite from "Voices in the Earth") (from The Twilight Zone) (00:23:21) 
"About Your Words" (from The Curse of Oak Island)" (00:26:50) 
Kevin Kiner (00:28:37) 
"Main Titles" (from "In A Mirror Darkly") (00:32:12) 
"Archer's Theme" (00:33:50) 
Musical Alzheimer's (00:35:09) 
The "Haven" Score (00:38:32) 
"I Have a Gun" (from "All Good Things...") (00:41:42) 
Stand Out Scores: "The Arsenal of Freedom" and "Conspiracy" (00:42:58) 
"Surface Jaunt/Image/Encased" (from "The Arsenal of Freedom") (00:43:48) 
"Worf Down/Invader/Dinner Treats/Retching Remmick/Recovery/Cliff Hanger" (from "Conspiracy) (00:45:47) 
Emmy Award Winning Main Title (00:47:35) 
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (Seasons 1-3)" (00:50:02) 
"Farewell" (from "What You Leave Behind") (00:53:31) 
"Generations Overture" (from Star Trek: Generations) (00:57:41) 
Thank You, Dennis (00:58:56) 
Closing (01:05:30)
Brandon Shea-Mutala
Dennis McCarthy
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