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The Patriot Games score with John Takis.

One of the most respected and loved film composers was James Horner, who composed two scores for the Star Trek films: The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock. The 1990s were a very busy time for Horner, and a few films would inspire him to develop a sound that would lead him to his first Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1997 for the film Titanic. One of those important scores was 1992's Patriot Games.

In this episode of Melodic Treks, host Brandon-Shea Mutala is joined by film score specialist John Takis to discuss the score for Patriot Games and how it would influence Horner's work. We also discuss Horner's ability to write extended tracks, synth elements in scores, and fully synthesized scores for films.

** please note that at 17:31, I incorrectly refer to the vocalist in the "Main Titles" as Marie Brennan from Clannad. Her correct name is Maggie Boyle, and she was not a member of Clannad.

Opening (00:00:00) 
I Apologize / Welcome, John!  (00:01:00) 
The Movie and Tom Clancy (00:03:02) 
How Does This Rank for You? (00:12:19) 
"CNN News Report" (00:14:26) 
An Understated Score (00:15:52) 
"Main Titles" (00:17:57) 
"Attempt on the Royals" (00:21:06) 
Fitting Into Horner's Career (00:23:06) 
Synth Elements (00:27:10) 
"Electronic Battlefield" (00:37:05) 
Long Tracks (00:38:55) 
"Hospital Vigil" (00:43:42) 
Final Thoughts / Finding John (00:45:18) 
Previously on Trek FM (00:54:01) 

*all music from the film Patriot Games composed by J. Horner

Brandon-Shea Mutala

John Takis

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