Melodic Treks: A Star Trek Music Podcast
44: From One Generation to Another

Star Trek Generations and Dennis McCarthy.

Over the span of 18 years, Dennis McCarthy composed 257 pieces of music for Star Trek, making him the largest contributor to the sound of the franchise. During that period, he composed for 88 episodes of The Next Generation, 76 episodes of Deep Space Nine, 64 of Voyager, and 28 of Enterprise. He also scored the film Star Trek Generations.

This work received a fair amount of attention from the Emmy Awards, earning him nine nominations and one win. In addition to taking home the 1993 Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Main Title Theme Music for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, he was nominated in the category of Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore) for the episodes “The Child,“ “Yesterday's Enterprise,“ “Half a Life,“ “Unification, Part I,“ “All Good Things…,“ “Heroes and Demons,“ “Workforce,“ and “The Expanse.“

In this episode of Melodic Treks, part 2 of a 13-part series on the Star Trek films, host Brandon-Shea Mutala is joined by Zach Moore to discuss McCarthy and his Star Trek contributions. We also cover his contributions to other television series including V, The Twilight Zone, MacGyver, and Sliders, as well as the film Letters from a Killer.

Some of the score analysis was taken from John Takis’s extended liner notes for Star Trek Generations, available at

Intro (00:00:00)
About Dennis McCarthy (00:01:20)
V (00:05:59)
“Aqueduct Attack/Planting the Charges/Brad's Sacrifice“ (V: “The Final Battle“) (00:06:56)
“Nathan's End“ (V: “The Betrayal“) (00:08:30)
The Twilight Zone (1986) (00:12:57)
“Voices in the Earth“ (The Twilight Zone) (00:14:08)
MacGyver (00:18:56)
“The Negotiator“ (MacGuyver) (00:19:39)
Star Trek on Television (00:23:21)
“Comedy Store/Code 47/Course Changed/Cavernous/Unconvinced“ (TNG: “Conspiracy“) (00:24:49)
“Main Title“ (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) (00:28:13)
“Where's Freya?/To the Rescue“ (Voyager: “Heroes and Demons“) (00:32:16)
Sliders (00:35:00)
“The First Slide“ (Sliders: “Pilot“) (00:36:34)
Letters from a Killer (00:38:25)
“Main Title“ (Letters from a Killer) (00:39:10)
Star Trek Generations (00:42:47)
“Main Title“ (Star Trek Generations) (00:44:03)
“Distress Call/Harriman and the Ribbon“ (Star Trek Generations) (00:51:28)
“Prisoner Exchange“ (Star Trek Generations) (00:57:30)
“A Christmas Hug/Kitchen Debate“ (Star Trek Generations) (01:00:35)
“Jumping the Ravine“ (Star Trek Generations) (01:07:50)
Overture from Star Trek Generations (01:13:56)

Brandon-Shea Mutala

Zach Moore

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