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38: An Artistic Approach

Mark Banning Interview.

For almost 30 years, Mark Banning, co-founder of BSX Records, has had a hand in producing some of the most outstanding soundtracks, including more than 20 Star Trek releases. He has worked with many record labels, including GNP Crescendo, La-La Land Records, Silva Screen Records, and Creative Sound Production, where his primary duty has been art direction.

In this episode of Melodic Treks, host Brandon-Shea Mutala is joined by Mark to discuss some of the film and television soundtracks he has helped to produce, as well as the process behind the art direction. Mark also recounts a heart-warming story of the healing power of music, how he met his best friend and co-founder of BSX Records, Ford A. Thaxton, and even teases us with a few details about upcoming Star Trek releases.

"Smooth Talker/Attitude Adjustment" (excerpt from "Our Man Bashir," composed by J. Chattaway) (00:02:00)
Meeting Mark (00:03:03)
Early Television Score Releases (00:04:06)
What Is Involved in Art Direction? (00:09:05)
Quantum Leap and the Healing Power of Music (00:11:43)
Challenges (00:16:01)
On Stage with the Goldsmiths (00:17:09)
How Banning Met Ford (00:20:27)
Buysoundtrax and GNP's Slowdown (00:22:17)
Limited Editions and Interesting People (00:24:32)
Passionate Fans (00:26:47)
Differences (00:28:37)
Duties on the New Star Trek Sets (00:32:19)
Upcoming Productions (00:33:06)
Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen and a Bit More (00:33:50)
Finding Mark (00:37:38)
"Cost of Victory" (excerpt from "The Siege of AR-588," composed by P. Baillargeon) (00:38:40)

Brandon-Shea Mutala

Mark Banning

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